Goddess Temple Accommodations

All overnight stays must be prearranged with the Priestess. There is no charge for staying at the temple.

Beautiful Nevada Desert

Enjoy the deep peace of the beautiful Nevada desert


Camping: There is ample camping space near the Temple and the Guest House. Campers have access to the kitchen and bath facilities in the Guest House during the day. There is also a gas grill available for use.



Sky Bed

Sky Bed (Outdoor Sleeping Platform)


Sleep under the stars, high above the desert floor in the wooden sky bed sleeping platform, or bring your own tent. Camping is in designated areas only to protect the fragile desert ecosystem.



Temple Guest House

The temple guest house is basic but comfortable

Guest House: The Guest House sleeps 10+ and is also available by reservation only. Linens and towels are provided. The Guest House has a fully equipped kitchen, including a refrigerator. Please contact the Priestess for more information and scheduling.

Motel: Motel accommodations nearest the Temple are in Indian Springs (3 miles west).


Rituals At The Goddess Temple

The Temple celebrates all of the lunar and solar holidays. Please see the calendar for more details.

Full Moon Over Goddess Temple

Full Moon Over Goddess Temple

The temple is also available for private rituals, such as hand-fasting (both ceremonial and legal), baby blessings, and memorials. Please contact the Priestess for more information.

Pets, alcohol, drugs, and firearms are not permitted on the premises.

Remember — the desert is fragile. Every animal, plant, and grain of sand is our spirit.