Become a Supporting Donor

Make a small monthly donation to the Temple of Goddess Spirituality – Dedicated to Sekhmet


Volunteering is one of the ways you can support the temple.  Whether you help out occasionally or on a regular basis, your time and energy is warmly welcomed.  You can also plan a volunteering workday or a working retreat at the temple.  Contact the Priestess to make arrangements, and to learn about current needs and projects.  Below are some of the tasks that are performed at the temple on a regular basis:

Tasks in the Temple:

Read the 100 names of Sekhmet
Light candles
Light incense
Fill water bowls

Tasks on the Grounds:

Pick up trash around temple area
Rake social area and paths
Ask Priestess for other tasks

Tasks in the Guest House:

Clean bathrooms
Clean kitchen
Mop kitchen floor
Carry out trash
Sweep Porch
Straighten bookshelves
Ask Priestess for other tasks


The temple is supported solely by gifts.   There are many items used regularly by the temple and temple visitors which you can contribute.  Below is a list of some of the most frequently needed items:

Items for the Temple:

Fresh flowers
Tea-light candles

Items for the Temple and Guest House grounds:

Solar lights
Organic potting soil
Native cactus and trees
Wild Bird Seed
Wand Lighters
Tiki Torch fuel

Items for the Guest House:

Toilet paper
Paper towels
Herbal Teas


Materials or Funding for Projects:

  • Metal skirting for guest house exterior (apx 150 ft.)
  • Replacement kitchen cabinets
  • Composting Toilet
  • Gas Card
  • Second Skybed (Sleeping Platform)
  • “Mule” or ATV type vehicle with trailer

Please contact us if you are interested in contributing specific items, or to check on needs for additional projects.


Candace Ross, Priestess